Often a fresh and outside perspective can help you see what you may not be seeing.

Phase 1: Assessment

As a consultant I take a look at all areas of operation.
An initial assessment will be conducted on all three shifts. This will include a review of:

  • job descriptions
  • program development
  • observation of staff and resident interactions
  • community resources
  • internal education
  • family programs
  • environmental design

The assessment also includes Dementia Training Needs Analysis which includes: resident comfort, social and emotional connections, and person-centered living.

A full report will be delivered to the Administrator  or designee with the intent of using certain findings to increase the scope of the education and training specific to the needs of the community.

The initial assessment includes all three shifts for a duration of approximately 2 hours per shift on site, with a follow up meeting and written report.

The second step would be to devise a training program based on the initial needs assessment.

Phase 2 - Training

Training programs are devised to move facilities and staff toward a person-centered philosophy of caregiving. Training often centers around these key areas of development:

  • developing a person-centered dementia care unit
  • exploring the challenges of changing care practices for caregivers
  • examining injury reviews and developing safe practices for staff and residents
  • sensory enhanced dining programs for dementia living
  • developing discovery stations for meaningful engagements
  • end of life care practices

Consulting is a good option for facilities who wish to identify areas of improvement unique to them and then implement training programs sepcific to those needs.

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