"What is a coach anyway? What do great coaches do? Quite simply, coaches help people become more than they realize they can be."

James A. Belasco
Coaching For Leadership


Coaching supports healthy organizations to become even more effective in all their initiatives and remain leaders in their field by nourishing the strengths of the individual and team.

As a coach, Randy L. Griffin works with teams and individuals to develop the personal and interpersonal skills needed to carry forward the person-centered health care practices and programs developed by the health care facility. The health care team takes the lead in coaching sessions. With programs and practices already in place Randy's role as a coach is to observe the team in action and suggest specific ways to:

  • Elicit more effective work styles among employees.
  • Reduce conflict, stress and frustration.
  • Improve communication skills.
  • Break down long and short-term goals into actionable steps.
  • Balance professional advancement with personal enhancement.

Contact Randy L. Griffin to set up coaching sessions for your health care team. Skype sessions are also available.